Elisabeth Génot


Principal investigator

Trained both in biology in and biochemistry at the Curie Institute in Paris, received her PhD at the University Pierre & Marie Curie in 1988. Starting her career in Immunology, she worked on the regulation of B lymphocyte expansion during the immune response and on the molecular mechanisms underlying Hairy Cell Leukemia oncogenicity. She trained in signal transduction at the University of Washington in Seattle (USA) under the guidance of Ed. Clark and Ed. Krebs. Thereafter, she focused her work on intracellular signalling involving the RhoGTPase family of proteins during T lymphocyte activation at Imperial Cancer research Fund (London, UK). In 1998, she became the recipient of Career Development Award from the Welcome Trust to set up her lab at Imperial College (Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK). There she continued this line of research focusing on apoptosis as well. She joined the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology (IECB) in Bordeaux (France) as a group leader in 2002. Since then, her main research field is endothelial cell biology from microvessels to large arteries, in vitro and in vivo, with a focus on the dynamical rearrangements of the actin cytoskeleton and specific expertise on podosomes. She is a board member of the Invadosome Consortiuman international, open network of laboratories interested in cell adhesion and tissue invasion. She is also involved in interdisciplinary and collaborative work with chemists, microbiologists and clinicians and actively participating to the development of the new Institute for Regenerative Medicine (BxCRM) in Bordeaux. Elisabeth Génot is affiliated with the Department of Regenerative Medicine (BioTis, INSERM U1026) where she holds an INSERM research director position.

Team members


Since 2000, the Génot lab  has trained many students and young scientists. The team  is maintaining collaborations with some of them such as Christine Varon (INSERM U1053, Université de Bordeaux, France),  Pirjo Spuul (Tallinn University of technology, Estonia) and Florence Tatin (I2MC INSERM UMR 1048, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France).

Past members

Violaine Moreau (MdC

then research scientist)   2001-2007

Frédéric Saltel (post-doc

then research scientist)   2007-2010

Pirjo Spuul (post-doc)  2012-2015

Thomas Daubon (post-doc)  2009-2013

Véronique Veillat (post-doc)  2010-2014

Anne Leclercq (post-doc)  2010-2012

Clotilde Billottet (post-doc)  2007-2009

Caroline Basoni (post-doc)  2006-2007


William Signac (Ing)  2013-2015

Arnaud Vanden Bossche (Ing)  2013

Edith Reuzeau (Tech)  2001-2011

Dan Georgess (visiting PhD)  2013

Franco klinberg (visiting PhD)  2012

Paolo CIufici (PhD)  2013-2014

Filipa Curado (PhD)  2009-2013

Isabel Egaña (PhD)  2009-2013

Patricia Rottiers (PhD)  2006-2009

Amélie Juin (PhD)  2009-2010

Florence Tatin (PhD)  2002-2006

Guerric Anies (PhD)  2003-2006

B. Chaigne Delalande (PhD)  2002-2005

Christine Varon (PhD)  2002-2005

Caroline Basoni (PhD)  2002-2006


Tiya Jahjah (M2) 2020-2021

Quentin Mauran (M2) 2019-2020

Elina Rukavitsõna (M2, Erasmus) 2018-2019

Vincent Caulier (M2)  2016-2017

Terence Allard (M2)  2016-2017

Rémi Gaussin (M2)  2014-2015

Paul Duhamel (M2)  2013-2014

Noémie Emeriau (M2)  2012-2013

Audrey Berthou (M2)  2009-2010

Petra Horokova (M2)  2008-2009

Jean-Léon Maitre (M2)  2006-2007

Patricia Rottiers (M2)  2005-2006

Fabien Guégan (M2)  2005-2006

Anne Chabadel (M2)  2004-2005

Linda Deuve (M2)  2002-2003

Florence Tatin (M2)  2001-2002

Christine Varon (M2)  2000-2001

Virginie Lespinets (M2)  2000-2001

Caroline Basoni (M2)  1999-2000

Guillaume Moureaux (M2)  1999-2000

Trainees / Internship

Yasmine Amrani (summer internship 2018)

Feriel Boudhia (M1)  2017

Terence Allard (M1)  2016

Chrislain Coubart (Excellence)  2016

Marie Zaccarini (ENSTBB)  2014

Thomas Dahomais (ENSTBB)  2014

Paul Darme (LicencePro)  2013

Marc Oudart (Excellence)  2013

Elise Gardiennet (M1)  2012

Maxime Dauphin (M1) 2021

Tristan Dadillon (M1) 2020

Quentin Mauran (M1) 2019

Julien Molina (M1)  2011

Stéphanie Lhomond (M1)  2009

Leila El Ayoubi (M1) 2009

Antonia Nube (M1)  2008

Patricia Rottiers (M1)  2005

Fabien Guegan (M1)  2005

Cindy Goudonnet (M1) 2004

Olivier Tacca (M1) 2003

Severine Sytla (LicencePro)  2002

Kenza Gaoua (M1)  2002

Nicolas Camboulives  (M1) 2001

David Lafarge (M1)  2002

Aurelien Bric (M1)  2000

Fabrice Courjault (M1)  2000