Collaborative work on regenerative medicine



In vivo, low O2 tension is central for the execution of cellular programmes, such as maintenance of pluripotency/plasticity for embryonic stem cells or angiogenesis for endothelial cells, controlled by both hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) and Notch signaling pathways. The goal of this collaborative project is to develop hypoxia-based cell culture strategies to optimize the potential and function of stem cells-derived bone and vascular cells for regenerative therapies.


The main participants include :



  • Élisabeth Génot, coordinator,  (CRCTB, INSERM U1045)
  • Hélène Bœuf, Laurence Bordenave, Olivier Chassande (BioTis, INSERM U1026)
  • Zoran Ivanovic (EFS, INSERM U1035)
  • Marc Bonneu (CBMN, UMR5248)
  • Rodrigue Rossignol (INSERM U1211 and CELLOMET (
  • Bruno Delorme (Macopharma)


Bordeaux Consortium for Regenerative Medicine (2016-2018)